William Mckay aka BLACKWILL is a Jack of all trades.  Actor, Comedian, Rapper, Writer, Poet, Producer and Director of his own live Comedy Show! Are You Funny? THE INTELLIGENT IGNORANCE TOUR 2014. I have been Acting for about 10 years now but have been a fool my whole life. Started as a Rapper ( Emcee ) and Dancer at local Talent Shows in High School. My first official gig was at BROKERS NIGHTCLUB in East Orange NJ as a Host for a DEF JAM Comedy Show where I first got the " acting bug". I secured a role in a JACOBY & MEYERS Commercial that ran in the Tri-State area for about 3 years.  Soon after that I joined THEURBANCHASE.COM IMPROV GROUP where I honed my Improv and acting skills.  Tons of performances in Times Square at the UJAMMA THEATER. That culminated with a Valentines day show " LOVE UP IN HARLEM “ in Harlem at club 212.  I also secured two leading roles in upcoming two Television pilots: HIP HOP HIGH, THE MUSCICAL ( Z-MAN FILMS ) where I also performed in 2 Showcase performances for Broadway Producers and companies such as Viacom, Clear Channel, UBCTV and Universal.  GHETTO COURT ( MATRIARCH MULTIMEDIA AND ERIC Btv ). A comedic court based show where the entire episode was a Improvisitation by myself. is a Internet Commercial that I showed my Host/Pitchman skills where I play a Music Mogul trying to secure an artist and sell ( pitch ) the site. OBSESSION is a One act play I was a lead in at the SALOON THEATER that brought me full circle as far as live entertainment. I have recently performed at THE OCKTOBERFEST MUSIC FESTIVAL in NYC at STAGE 48. Another great opportunity came at THE NEWARK SHORT PLAY FESTIVAL with THE MIDLANTIC THEATRE COMPANY. I appeared as GREED in the play ”DEADLY HABITS". At the end of December I got a chance to perform at the World Famous COMIC STRIP LIVE in NYC.  Stand up Comedy is my forte where I am perfecting my characters and timing.  You can also see me in a variety of sketches, webisodes and even a music video where I am always bringing one of my crazy characters to life.  For a more in depth look search for " A COMIC JOURNEY " a video short directed, filmed and edited by Dave Martin of DAVE MARTIN PHOTOGRAPHY on YouTube.  Thanks for checking the site and remember " STAY HUMBLE AND BE GREAT! "